Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Una especie de avance... (A kind of breakthrough...)

Well, what can I say about today? I was prepared to work and work I did. 4 hours practice in total and muy feliz with the small breakthroughs I'm having.

Firstly, cracked the braccio move with rotating hands and stamps (just about!), though had a hard time learning the new 6th position, but today everybody, I could actually do the tango routine more than once through with more 'rhythmic' hips (as I was still slightly tense in the body). The only problem was that I was a bit too free and easy with the upper body and arms and they were a bit all over the place at times.

I need to control the upper body, but let the hips do have a bit more movement, which is good and you can tell that the practice before the actual lesson is making a huge difference to me picking up the moves, and being slightly more consistent in getting things right. Still need to remember to rotate the hands more in each of the positions where needed though.

Sure, I was making some of the same mistakes, but it all just started to fall into place with determination. Although this isn't comedy, (though some may question that), timing is still everything.

Some of the music I'm learning to is amazing as well. We used a bulerias and soleares bulerias today to learn the braccio moves. Bulerias is a very fast flamenco rhythm using 12 beats (except 11 and 12 are signified by 1 and 2 again when counting) so it was a bit hard going at first but the soleares bulerias was slower and easier to learn with.

I even got the rhythm right for the tango - in time with the 'compas.' But as Toni reminded me, we wouldn't just be using the moves in the order of the routine that I've been practicing. The moves could be used any time.

The stamping was much better and stronger today. Its like I'm taking this all in properly now, just when we're just about to start the Fandango choreography, which is a relief.

I used visualisation to imagine that my body was split into two with my feet connected to the ground and my upper body connected to the sky or being pulled up to the sky. Holding all the weight in my abdomen helped me stay upright and control my body to be able to gain that security. I should feel the stamp in my abdomen and by using these techniques I did. It just made the stamps so much more stronger and made me feel more grounded and safe when stamping.

Love doing the planta tacon, tacon planta tacon and the planta tacon golpe golpe, started gathering speed - though I was quite tired by the end of the session. Its just about continuing to get up the speed and maintain the technique with these things.

After the session, I was on a high and continued to practice in my friends place, mostly the new 6th position which did slowly come to me. Whether its right is another matter. I'll find that out tomorrow.

A good day's work I'd say. Not perfect, but lots of improvement.

I really have loved today. Lots of sweat and pushing myself out of my comfort and confidence zone, but no pain, no gain. Lets see what tomorrow brings with the start of this Fandango. Eek!

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