Monday, 7 October 2013

Luck is an attitude.

Worst ever lesson today. Despite really wanting my life to be in rhythm with the universe, my dancing certainly was not in rhythm with the bulerias tempo.

Just could not get this llamada (or the 'call' as I found out it means through a Skype session!). Its the planta tacon part that is just abysmal. I think there's so much on my mind with the planning and organising with the filming that I'm finding it hard to focus 100% on the choreography.

Really for the first time I felt so tired and like giving up today. The worst lesson ever, but I still feel so lucky being here in this city right now. A slight hiatus dogged by these issues;

1) I find it hard to really listen to Toni or any other teacher for that matter in order to learn.

2) I struggle with time. Or lack of it. Often.

3) I need to relax and enjoy flamenco in the moment and feel its passion more. That I don't feel I'm doing.

These have been problematic particularly today. Not to mention the fact that the dance I am tryng to emulate may not even be 'El Embrujo del Fandango' (or 'The Bewitched Fandango' as it translates to).  Despite that, it was the dance that first inspired me for this project, so that's the dance I'll be adapting.

Speaking of which, next Monday will be the day to film the performance. Even though I've made a decision not to perform it in front of people, its still some pressure for me.

Toni mentioned getting a guitarist to play the music instead of using the music I've got which is perfect and what I originally envisaged.

We also agreed that we'll make the choreography much more simpler and shorter because Amaya's dance was very complex. I'd love to be able to do it completely but maybe that's not the point here.

Anyway, I met with some film-makers here this evening - one British and one Dutch. (Is anyone Catalunyan here?) Many more decisions to make about location of the filming etc etc. but tomorrow is another day and in Barcelona, it seems at the moment, anything can happen.

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