Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Bon dia!

So, for those of you new to the blog, I've been in Barcelona for 2 weeks now, trying to learn flamenco in order to film some final performance based upon Carmen Amaya's performance 'El Embrujo del Fandango', and learning lessons about how I learn, how I work and mostly how I react to challenges!

Learning this dance is part of a wider project challenging ideas of gender roles and identity and 2 weeks ago, on my arrival to Catalunya, my expectations where that I would have been able to take in the basics of flamenco a lot more naturally and easily. 2 weeks on, that may be questionable, but I'm having a go and learning so much about the things that impede my art practice, and indeed life.

Its hard enough getting a project off the ground in the UK, but its more more intimidating trying to organise things in another language, but I've got a great teacher, who's English is actually pretty good, I just feel sorry for him having to think in Spanish but communicate in English and also because he can see where I'm going wrong with the movements, but doing them right can only come from me.

Anyway, whilst trying to get to sleep last night I realised that this whole process of learning has been about confidence, which is what the overall project is essentially about. How do I bring out that confidence though the learning process 1) in myself and 2) in the people I'm collaborating with?

Back to mastering the mind and today is another day.

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