Sunday, 13 October 2013

Baile Flamenco at the Last Dance Saloon...

Have got almost everything I need for the performance / shoot tomorrow and not feeling as nervous as I  probably should, even though the place I've booked to practice for potentially the last time this evening is closed as I've just walked past. Estupendo!

The important thing in these situations is not to panic. I've gone over the routine in my head and in my feet many times. I just need to get that technique spot on and the timings better, oh and channel the attitude of Carmen.

Easy? No hi ha problema......

Still considering practice before the shoot tomorrow, but will have to see what time I have. Everything will fall into place I am sure with Toni there to direct me a little more and I'm actually excited to see what the outcome will be, but wherever you are at 2.30pm Barca time tomorrow, please, please think of me.

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