Sunday, 6 October 2013

I am Catalunyan

No practice today, just a day full of meeting lovely people, some from Catalonia, some not.

Had lunch with a new friend from India and her son's partner from Barcelona, who explained a bit more about Catalonia's push for independence, which has both historical and contemporary reasoning.

Historically, the drive for independence has been one about identity, but more recently, Catalonia is the region that generates more income for Spain in terms of tax revenue, and because the economy is not so good here at the moment, there is disagreement as to whether the region should continue doing this or have its own independent constitution.

Even so, Spain first have to agree to hold a referendum, and even if that was held, the result about whether Catalonia gets its independence may only be 50/50, as many people who live here aren't originally from the region and may not be concerned about it, whereas in the smaller, more traditional villages on the outskirts, people there do want to independence.

I wonder how it would change things here and how the region's identity would evolve or become yet stronger?

We also spoke about how Catalunyan people may at first appear aloof and then open up and embrace people. Kind of finding their feet first. I came to the conclusion that I am Catalunyan.

About strength...that's something I'll need to draw upon for this last week of lessons and practice.

Somehow, I have to feel Carmen Amaya's passion, strength and conviction in my interpretation of the choreography. I have to believe that I can meet and keep in rhythm with the Fandango music.

Expect a miracle.

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