Saturday, 5 October 2013

Finding Somorrostro

Well, who'd have known it. Thinking I couldn't find Somorrostro (birth place of Carmen Amaya) when it turns out the first time at the beach last week I was actually on that very beach.

Another amazing day taking in the sights of Barceloneta today. I took the bus down there and walked right along the promenade, stopping for some well needed carbs in the form of patatas bravas and also some small fried fish to keep my energy up for practicing.

Also found Carrer de Carmen Amaya, which I am assuming is named so because she was raised there? I wonder what she would think of it these days?

Onto Somorrostro Beach for a while and then 2 hours practice between 6pm and 8pm this evening in the beautiful Sala H of Barceloneta Civic Centre. Its an amazing venue and the practice was good, just trying to get faster at the Palmas and the Llamada, but beginning to figure out the timings a bit better, though I am wondering how on earth I will get this as fast as it needs to be?

I've decided I'm not going to give up. I'm going to do this, whatever it takes, and I'm already getting quicker, both in the learning and the timings, but its the first golpe stamps and the palmas I need to work on getting faster and perfect right now, so I spent a good amount of time just practicing this.

Felt a lot more relaxed as well, and just kept thinking about how to re-perform that strength and conviction shown by Carmen Amaya.

Anyway, as usual, estoy cansada. I know this week is critical but I'm having a bit of a break from practice tomorrow, I'm really yearning Barca culture to inspire this and the next phase of the project. In fact, I thought about taking the project participants to see 'Bajari' if its on in Liverpool when I get back in a couple of weeks. I think that'd be a great idea for them to see that and understand the spirit of flamenco.

Buenos Noches.
                                          Catalunyan Fish & Chips

                                          Its got her name on it...

                                                       Beautiful Somorrostro Beach.

                                          Sala H, Barceloneta Civic Centre. 

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