Monday, 14 October 2013


Well its done.  We only had 3 hours in the location, that included set up and set down. It was very nerve wracking but I have many takes of the routine. All of the crew, James, Toni, Tea and Alex were fab.

I felt disappointed for Toni as my footwork wasn't great today. I'm sure there will be something I can use form the rushes but I felt I put myself under too much pressure today.

There's something in my process thats not working. I was a bit too tense and should have relaxed more.

Feeling slightly deflated though its done now I will have to live with what I've got. Things do seem to take longer with film as I already know but because the pressure was on me to remember the steps in rhythm, that was my downfall.

I'm often too hard on myself and I have to learn that this is just a learning curve about journeying to an ideal destination of having the resources, the people to assist and the right amount of time at a location to get through this difficult challenge.

Don't quite know what to make of today, I should have known better really to think I could film this in just a few hours.....who knows what the rushes will be like. I had a sneak peak and they look well shot, thing is that the footwork on some of the takes isn't great.

Time for this weary woman to rest. Totally tired out and need to enjoy Barca for my last evening here.

I am so proud of myself for everything that I've journeyed through in the last 4 weeks. Flamenco isn't easy at the best of times. Under the challenge I set, its been even harder.

There is a sense of victory for me today, but also its about project management as well as the actual creative side. Mixing those two is so hard and as I've said before, I can't do everything myself so thats a massive thing that I've learnt. Having to let go of stuff and give other people control of a situation. But then the final decisions stop with me.

I will leave Barca a changed woman because of what this project has taught me, so watch this space.

Lets see what the outcome will be for both this project and my practice.

Some documentary photos of the filming can be seen below, shot by the great Barcelona based, Italian photography artist, Tea Guarascio.

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