Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Late Late Blog...

A later than advertised blog, mainly to do with the fact that I'm busy trying to sort the filming side of stuff as well as take in the dance lessons, but generally its been a good day, perfecting or trying to perfect the 'llamada' which I thought I progressed on well...then learning 2 more steps which included lots of stamping golpe style, and a kind of side step with golpe stamp (in which I keep jumping!) which took the choreography up to half way through where we need to be.

For some reason I Felt I was much more focused and relaxed today. I was taking things in and meeting the beat more consistently. Previously my head had just been all over the place with planning stuff and there comes the realisation that, you just can't do it all alone sometimes. I had this realisation this morning, with the question, can we ever be 100% self sufficient as artists, as human beings?

No extra practice this afternoon as I had more planning and language barriers to overcome, but happy that the lessons seem to be back on track and that I have some stuff to get my teeth, or at least my feet into. 

Toni looked tired today as he was constantly counting me into the beginning of the steps, and though I did miss a few starting points, it wasn't as bad as it has been. 

More visuals tomorrow, I promise. Today has been a good day about mastering the mind, actually listening and taking more steps forward. 


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