Monday, 21 October 2013

And so to blog...

So....this weekend I have been pondering upon what direction to go in following the first workshop session with the young film-makers / animators and today I have been looking at some animations for inspiration, namely 'Feet of Song' by Erica Russell: and 'Triangulo' by the same artist: which both look at dance and movement and using ideas about shape.

Also been chatting with my animated animator friend Sam Hatton about the way to move forward now that Barry and I have introduced the participants to rota-scope animation.

We have 5 sessions left with the young artists, and I want this to be as much about process as it is about outcome. I won't reveal too much but I want the celebration event / exhibition to show the whole process from the first introductory session and how the participants have progressed.

Animation is very labour intensive so there will be lots of production line material to exhibit - I just wonder if my collaborators will be able to keep up with the workload of potentially having to produce around 750 drawings to cover each of the frames needed even for just a third of the routine footage?

Barry's idea for one of the animations is to animate the words of the flamenco movements which is such a beautiful idea, but I want to work with shape and collage in Gaudi kind of way....

So this week then, there will be lots of session planning and materials buying, and it is quite exciting because again, its all about my process in this as well as enriching the lives of collaborators.

Also feeling as though I need to reign in my focus about the research enquiry about gender and collaboration and what I am looking to draw out of the workshops with the young people, so that I can evaluate this properly and more valuably.

A busy, but interesting week ensues...

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