Thursday, 10 October 2013

Soy Preoccupada...

Today was good and bad, but ultimately its all good.

I'm so tired at the moment and can't really afford to be. Starting to get worried there's not enough choreography to fill the amount of filming time I want or work with most of the music I'm using, largely because of the time its taking to learn and also the short time I gave myself for this project.

Shared my worry with Toni and he said we can fill 2 minutes of the music with choreography, its just that what Amaya did in this dance was so complex and so fast, I couldn't realistically learn all of this in the little time we have / have had.

But today I was at least learning to put the moves to the music better. Just getting confused again with the timings a bit and of course, I think Toni is still giving up on me in terms of my rhythm.

He said a lovely thing the other day. In the final step, I am to find the light in that step in arriving at that position. I have to bring light to it. Bonita!

I will try to remember that as well as everything else I have to remember in terms of the timing. Its so difficult but in my extra practice today, I did manage to get the timing right so far.

So....we added a few marcages today, some paseo / walking elements and lots of lovely Amaya style arm movements and pitos (finger clicks!).

It really feels now like what Amaya was saying was about a celebration of strength in femininity rather than challenging the masculine. That's my interpretation.

So new steps added, including a funny little intro of me walking onto set, time to sort the location for filming. I'm so pleased to say that Sala de Carmen Amaya in Barceloneta Civic Centre is confirmed for the filming of this little homage to Ms Amaya on Monday afternoon. Feels like everything is fitting into place, and I actually can't think of anywhere else other than right by the place where Amaya grew up to pay tribute to her. Excited and nervous at the same time.

Now all I need is to find the right wardrobe / clothes etc. A task for the weekend I think when I can think straight a bit more.

In the meantime, I'm still sad to think that tomorrow is my last lesson at the school. I will miss it and Toni laughing at my lack of rhythm. Its certainly something you can't buy.

I saw something really amazing today as well, as I went to practice there this morning. I caught sight of a group of very advanced students warming up for their class and saw them kind of doing very low, flexible lunges and thought, what an amazing life to be a great dancer? It made me think will I continue flamenco back in Liverpool. a strong maybe is the answer. I think its probably the hardest dance to learn, but definitely one of the most potent, strong, enduring, passionate and expressive.

I just can't believe this part of the project will be over so soon. Its gone by in the blink of an eye and I've tried to savour every drop of this experience. At times its been stressful with having to plan and organise other things when alls I've wanted to do is practice. Days have been long here, but very much enjoyed and there are so many things I have learned and would do differently in the future, particularly with regard to learning the language here. It opens up another world which I have sadly been closed to.

Anyway, Estoy cansada, so I'll sum up another time.

I may not be at the stage I really need to be in terms of my dance, but no soy preoccupada now.

Soy muy feliz.

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