Saturday, 26 October 2013

Re: Responsibility

A very quick post to say that the edit of the raw footage for the routine is done! On reflection, it wasn't as painful as i though it would be, but I am so aware of the technical misdemeanours I've committed - eek! Doubt if Toni will be happy when he see's it!

Thoughts today whilst editing.....In the workshops, I will go with the 'inking' or outlining of the many individual frames, because I think, as I should have learned throughout the learning process as I tried to master the flamenco routine, patience is a valuable virtue to learn.

Young people (and most adults) want everything now (self included), and I think taking the time to create something of quality in terms of the outlined frames, not compromising this with quantity, may just be a very important skill for the participants to learn, if they don't already possess that skill of course.

The other thought was that, like everything, learning is very much down to personal responsibility. Whilst Toni taught me the flamenco routine from scratch, only I could execute the final performance.

I say this here, now because I'm responsible for my errors. All of the video footage shows how fantastically he tried to instruct, direct and encourage me. But it was on the day that mattered, and there is definitely some truth in that old adage, you can only try your best. I'll just have to ensure that in the exhibition literature, its clear that I'm aware that my technique failed me on the day of the filming and that the participants are clear on the effort rather than the result / the process rather than the outcome and what a valuable learning curve this can be.

Which ties in nicely with me thinking about more evaluation questions for the participants to do with confidence in trying new skills and team-working etc. What am I looking for in the workshops? Constantly asking this!

Back to the other old adage of stopping being so hard on myself and getting as much rest as I can. A busy week lies ahead...

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