Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Back in the 'Pool!

Well, after a quiet day on the old blogging yesterday, saying my goodbyes to Toni, finally seeing a bit of Barcelona and saying farewell to this place thats captured my heart and inspired me so much, I finally made it home to rainy Liverpool.

Spent most of the day smiling as I wandered around the city, happy with what an amazing month its been and how much I had learnt about the Catalunyan culture, flamenco and myself.

Most of my time yesterday was spent admiring the work of Gaudi and reminded me that this was what it was about to put your dreams into practice. It struck me how this trip had truly been about that. Its been a test of strength and determination and celebration of life, and thanks to Carmen I've been able to have this amazing experience, and need a new pair of feet. They've been so sore ever since Monday's filming.

More of an in-depth evaluation to come, but now straight into Phase 2 of the project.

Today I've been planning with the other artist, Barry Worrall, who will be working with me in the school, who's a visual artist and animator. We had planned the first session before the trip to Barca, but today was about putting things firmly in place.

Also went to the school, Halewood Academy Centre for Learning, to check out the equipment again as we have our first introductory session with the participants tomorrow after school, which is quite exciting.

It's strange to think that its only another 4 weeks or so until the exhibition has to be ready. Keeping this busy means I don't have time to think about missing Barca that much though there is absolutely a huge gap in my heart at the moment, so I'll be glad to bring a bit of Catalonia to Merseyside.

Its important at this stage to keep focussed on the present and what needs to be done now, not what has been.

But right now though, I leave you with a few images from the filming on Monday. Enjoy!

Pictures by Tea Guarascio

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