Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Strong Constitution...

Lo siento, another later than advertised post. Been taking in a bit of Catalunyan culture today on a very much deserved day off.

OK, I say day off in a very lose way. I've also been shopping for costume requirements and seem to have got everything I need for Monday. Just!

Also saw a bit of a display of nationalism in Plaza Catalunya. This was all to do with Spain's constitution etc. and people wanting Catalunya to be part of Spain, the reverse opinion of what some people said the other day. Reminds me a bit of the Northern Ireland situation about belonging etc. Of course I realise that there's more politics and social reasoning behind this....

No practice today, but worked out the steps in a shop today as I waited for an order. Obviously, I must have looked a bit strange.

Also talked to people about engaging young people in creative activity. They said that the important thing is to make them feel connected. So I have a few ideas about that.

A shorter post than normal.

Estoy Cansada. But again, happy, nervous, excited about Monday. It will be fantastico! x

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