Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bedtime for this Bailaore!

Well the centre where I booked opened agin in time for my 4 hours of rehearsal / practice and I think I finally cracked the timing for the beginning and ending parts, the middle is still confusing me but I'm so happy that all that remains is getting the technique absolutely spot on. I want to do that for Toni's rep as much as mine. He's taken a big risk when you think about it. That takes courage.

One thing I'm not certain about is that the Fandango is about celebrating life so I'm unsure if I should be 'fierce' looking? Carmen looks like she's enjoying herself in the video clip, so maybe a quick question for Toni tomorrow about that?

As I walked back to the practice centre though, I realised just how many men were calling 'guapa' after me. I'm not saying this as something I'm proud of, just amazed how still men are more 'visible' than women on the streets. It takes confidence to walk alone down the street as a woman I think, with more males populating the street.

What I'm trying to say in some way is that, this piece of work is in a large part about recognising that women aren't around to just be pretty for the benefit of men. An age old discourse but why does it feel as though time is going backwards in this arena, particularly here in Barca? Or is that just because I'm here now?

Too tired for this discussion really and this Bailaore needs rest before the big event.

Hasta Manana (well, later today!)

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