Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Bit of radio silence again as I continue to do more prep for the 3rd workshop session tomorrow....

Yesterday's session in the school was fantastic. I have 6 core participants - 3 male, 3 female and they a;; absolutely loved the 'inking' activity. So much so, that they were a bit too fast for it and were asking for more cells to draw. Whoops, that'll learn me to never underestimate the capabilities of our youth.

In fact, on the feedback forms, which were all generally very positive, the only criticism the group members had was that there weren't enough animation cells to draw. One very enthusiastic participant even reckoned I should take 600 cells in for them to animate.  Though I'm unsure as to whether that will happen because its taking some time to staple the tracing paper to the print-outs of the individual frames!

All a great learning curve though - definitely about process and great for the participants to learn patience. And for me too really.....

And check out this great photo, taken by one of the young lads on the project, who incidentally now wants to be a photographer!

As the group were so quick completing the first batch of animation frames, I decided to show them just how much in real time we've actually completed by laying out the first 100 cells completed, which equates to 4 seconds of the 53 seconds we need to animate.

We've got a long way to go, but if yesterdays session was anything to go by, the journey will be a joyful, if labour intensive one!

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