Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Victoria! (as in Victory. Well, sort of!)

So I have news to report that the Celebration Event went ahead successfully today.

There were about 20+ attendees, which, on a wintry November eve like tonight is OK, I guess.

Right now I feel as though a huge weight is off my shoulders and that I can relax, but of course there is a lot of follow up work to complete.

At the moment, its been such a tiring few weeks, months even, and such a tiring day that I will escribe pronto, this chica is so exhausted, in a good way.

I've drawn so much out of this event alone. I will enlighten you more tomorrow, but I did a good thing in my community.

For you Carmen. Muchas gracias.

As has been the case for such a large part of this project, Estoy canasta. Again. Time for bed, there is still much work to do tomorrow, reflection, evaluation etc etc…a whole report on today and hopefully some pics as well!

Hasta maƱana, when I write more.

Buenos noches x

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