Sunday, 10 November 2013

Playing Catch Up!

So hello! I haven't written in quite a few days due to sheer lack of energy, definitely not lack of enthusiasm!

I have been rostruming, workshopping, flying etc etc…..

My penultimate session with the students at Halewood Academy was last Thursday 7th November and it was a decent workshop, continuing with the photoshopping / paint-bucketing exercise and I have to say it was a girl who was the best and quickest at the exercise and it was just interesting to see how the students picked up the learning of the task.

I had one student show me an alternative way of making the background black and the figure and feet white….though I've forgotten now how he did it.

Still enthusiasm abounded in the session with one girl asking if I could go in the following day to continue the session and one boy asking if I would be doing the activity / project next year. So I think they like this project!

Tomorrow is (supposedly) my last rostrum photography day at LJMU, though I am getting very confused with the order and sections of the animation cells that I've completed… will be fine I hope!

As far as the event is concerned, I know that some local councillors from Halewood may be attending the event and I have booked the flamenco dancer so this week, in terms of time is crucial to finish everything on time to install for Monday and show on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I've said it many times before….estoy canasta.

Buenos Noches, amigos x

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