Sunday, 3 November 2013

In the right place...

Hey, blogspot! I have missed you, but what an exciting few days filled with workshop Session 3 (Thursday), testing out the rostrum technique and finishing a draft version of the celebration event flyer (Friday) and general printing out and tracing of frames (Saturday and today!)

I shall start with Thursday's 3rd session, which was 'Awesome' as many of the participants put it. We completed more tracings and we had a guest artist in to help the participants to design a flyer.

It was another great session and actually I feel that we're all in the right place as I wanted to try and teach an element of patience to the participants through the tracing exercise and also to try and address team-working outcomes through the art work and the process of this animation creation, so we'll see how it goes on in the next few sessions.

A couple of students also worked with Sam Hatton, an animation artist who is also great at graphics, so she came in to support the creation of the celebration event flyer / invite.

I had previously met with Debbie Rose of Knowsley MBC before this session. Debbie is a Leisure & Culture Development Officer with a particular remit for Halewood Academy and we spoke about the event and the meaning behind the work and she put me in the right direction for getting contacts etc to invite to the event on the 19th, so I was able to talk to Liz, the teacher I'm working with at the Academy and we managed to get the ball rolling on a bit of planning of the event on Thursday which was great.

A great session was had by all that day with the young people really enjoying the tracing exercise and as it was Halloween, I gave them some souvenirs I had brought back from Barcelona for them and for their hard work so far!

Friday was another great day, I managed to get into a local University to use their rostrum facilities starting tomorrow. Its very modern and up to date, but first I went to my friend Sam's who has an older version to test out what I'll be doing and the result was really good, though in retrospect, when I'm looking at the tracings of the figure, I should have told the participants to traces the outer section of my outline, as there are just a few inconsistencies, but its all a learning curve, so never mind!

The flyer is also almost done for the celebration event, based upon the ideas the young lads in the session had on Thursday. I just need to get this approved before it goes to print.

Saturday and Sunday have been quite mad busy too.....lots of printing of the cells to be traced - I'm halfway through now so I just need to pick up the rest of the tracing paper tomorrow to finish that off and today I have been prepping for the rostrum session tomorrow, separating the traced cells from the original printed ones so I can photograph them.

Its all go, but I'm happy in my work and in all of the learning that I've done in this phase of the project.

More to come on that, but the last few days, it's been awesome!

More tracing.....

And more.....

And more....!

Artist Sam Hatton working on a flyer with students

Rostrum Test / Exercise....

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