Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Order of Things...

Apologies for the virtual silence, its been a hectic few days gathering evaluation and press cuttings together for my activity report (that I really need to complete!)

I thought I would provide you with a visual tour through the event last week, so you feel like you were there I guess.

One thing I will say is that, (and friends of mine who are also artists agree with this), it is so hard to gather support and get people to come to art events when you're an emerging artist.

Even if something has had a lot of money and advertising pumped into it, it is still difficult to get people to support. A case I'm thinking about is a very high profile art/music/creative event that was on in this city of Liverpool the day after my event, and I happened to notice on a famous social networking site that one of the event musicians/performers performing only had about 10 people attend their performance.

Honestly, this made me feel disappointment for that person and event, but also that maybe I hadn't 'failed' as much as I had thought through the attendance of 34 people at my event.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much advertising and marketing is done, you just can't get the support and I really don't know why this is, other than to say that the weather could have a lot to do with it and that people are genuinely too busy to support. I'm not complaining, its just a struggle that has prompted me to think about what direction this audience development side of my practice must go in.

Anyway….back to the pics, taken by the wonderful Liverpool based photographer, Justyna Czasnowicz.

Jackie, the (funky) art technician, pegs out the animation
cells in prep for the event.

Pulling my weight.
Fancy footwork…

…and more fancy flamenco steps
And over to Carmen..


Then Clare….    

Allie begins the performance...


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