Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Terminar 2

So after completing the last of the rostrum photography for the animation cells yesterday, and starting to number, crop and paint-bucket the remaining cells ready for the edit later this week, today was the last workshop session at the school.

Only 4 of my participants could make it today so I went through the journey of the project with them in an iPhoto slideshow, to show them how far we had come.

Then we looked around the Atrium space to recce it and come up with ideas about what we needed for the Event next Tuesday.

They were a very chatty bunch today, so slightly hard for me to manage at this crucial stage!

Nevertheless there were some pretty great ideas about what we needed to have on the event day.

The participants were suggesting that I run a split screen video of the original footage with the animated footage. Then they suggested that each person who comes should have a raffle ticket on the way in and go to sit at that table with their number on it and then draw a raffle so that people win gifts.

One of them even suggested that I do my flamenco routine as well as the dancer who is booked. I feel a bit nervous about the thought of that, with a recovering back injury at the moment and having to organise the whole thing as well, there's just no real time to rehearse….

Another idea was on the back of the feedback form, there should be a picture for younger attendees to colour in …. all great ideas but I'm unsure that there's really time for them at this stage now.

So we got on with typing up the credits and the thank-you's whilst one of the participants researched some information about Carmen Amaya and another designed an audience feedback form.

I also decided to do the final project evaluation today as it could be difficult to secure time with the participants once the event has passed.

The feedback I got from the participants as usual was glowing. I think the've really enjoyed it and I have as well. There's still a lot to do for Tuesday, though, starting with a meeting tomorrow morning with the teacher and the technician to sort out the practicalities of the event and what equipment and set up I'll need next week, but I look forward to getting that sorted so I can concentrate on pushing the event and actually completing the work for it!

Working away on the event prep earlier today.

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