Sunday, 17 November 2013

No Entiendo!

So, I realise there have been no posts from me for some days now, largely due to the fact that I've been quite busy with completing the final animation for the celebration event on Tuesday and also because there has been so much confusion about the space I'm using at the school.

Essentially, or one reason or another there has been a bit of a break down in communication about the event, something that over the last few days I have de-briefed myself on, reflected on and learnt from!

I really should have checked that in the school everything was being communicated to the people that needed to know, from Day 1. This could have saved a lot of pain and time, for me particularly, but as long as I have learnt from this (and know I am not entirely at fault here!), then its all good.

I just want the event to be great for the students. So I get the film done today, do some final bits of marketing for the event and then get the final preps on place tomorrow.

I thought I didn't understand why there were problems occurring with the event preparation, but now I can see that its all just a huge learning curve and I have to respect the environment I'm going into and no assume I can just do the things I need to do.

Its all down to communication and understanding at the end of the day and I have learnt so much, particularly in the collaboration part of this project.

All is not lost. I just hope the event goes as well as I want it to so that the students have a sense of pride in their work.

And so to complete that work.....

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