Sunday, 22 September 2013


Quick hour's practice on my friend's beautiful rooftop terrace today. Can't bring you any pictures because still having tech issues!

More importantly, I have cracked how to do part of the basic tango co-ordination exercises I was trying to master on Friday. Just shows it takes determination and practice. Still a long way to go but some of the basics are there and coming along nicely. Managed to master the link from second position movement back to first position movement, but feel like its something that takes conviction to confidently do these movements. Its something that can't be done halfheartedly.

Got a lead on a potential studio I could hire for an hour or so each day to keep up the practice and its essential that I get into some sort of daily routine quickly, form now because the pace of life here is actually quite fast and overwhelming at the moment, so still feeling quite tired, and still settling in whilst there's a lot going on in the city with 'La Merce' festival taking place.

Pleased with the small breakthrough today with the missing link at least.

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