Sunday, 29 September 2013


Really tired today so had another resting day.

Been having issues with my 7D camera which has really out me out of rhythm (even if I did have any) because I need to be getting documentation pictures of life here in Barca, but something has gone wrong with it and because of the language barrier, its hard to explain or get an explanation or solution about the issue with anyone in a camera shop here.

Had a restful afternoon on the beach in Barceloneta, not far from Sorromostro area. Did some more background reading about Flamenco's origins and then worked on a flyer for Phase 2 of the project to engage the participants in the school in Halewood, Merseyside UK, where the video installations for the exhibition will be created.

Estoy muy cansado, so a very short post. A long day ahead tomorrow.

Buenas Noches x

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